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Delle Donne Designs

-No- Ball Playing

-No- Ball Playing

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Deldon Designs Collaboration + The Creative Collective NYC Shema Love  

This hoop is an exclusive 1 of 1

"No Ball Playing" 

Description of Artwork from Shema

"My name is Shema Love! I'm a multi-passionate creative based out of Brooklyn, NY, with roots in Philly.  My love for basketball runs deep- from making a homemade milk crate hoop with my brother on my block when I was a kid to having dreams to play professionally as I got older.  The latter didn't quite happen, but I always found a way to weave my love for the game into my creative work. 

My artwork is meant to evoke cultural nostalgia and my connection to the game is just that.  This piece in collaboration with Deldon Designs titled, "No Ball Playing" is a tribute to the hoopers, the visionaries, the innovators, who may not have always had the means, but found a way to flourish anyway.  There's nothing more profound than creating something from nothing."

 19''x15'' Backboard

9'' Rim 

This piece is intended to be art.  Hoop at your own risk. 


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